Wait, so if they forced her out why were they all crying at that fanmeet?

Somebody has to be lying somewhere in all of this because it really doesn’t add up.

BREAKING: Jessica releases first official statement after being expelled from Girls’ Generation



In the latest breaking news, Jessica has finally broken her silence after posting on Weibo and released an update to the media in the form of a letter. 

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STAAB is a private residence designed by Chen + Suchart Studio.

Aerial | Baptise Debombourg.

Shattering glass flooding into a room of Brauweiler Abbey in Germany.

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Black Barbies @ Moschino 

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space witches

"we ourselves are made of star dust"
(carl sagam)

they find can understand the movements of the planets, interpret the darkest creases of the night sky. they find themselves aglow with starlight.

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